this is how their story ends.

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Your friends are allowed to have friends who are not you. They are even allowed to be better friends with them than they are you.

Your friends are not your possessions, you don’t get to dictate who they can and can’t talk to.

If you think you can, you might just be a problem.


verbal abuse & bullying is not ‘freedom of speech’





people who think it’s funny to disrespect teachers really upset me

teachers who think it’s funny to disrespect students really upset me.

humans who think it’s funny to disrespect humans really upsets me. 

Humans upset me

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My friends mom is 4’9 and her dad is 6’5. Whenever she is mad at him, she grabs a chair to yell in his face. Everytime that happens, he’s laughing too hard for her to stay mad. They say it’s the only way they’ve been married for so long.